Regardless of your wealth or ability to manage it, your financial strategy must align with your personal goals, greatest challenges and heartfelt concerns.

This fact eludes many financial advisors who focus on numbers. Their type of wealth management uses graphs, plenty of arrows, and concentrates primarily on investments – rather than the investments people make in their lifestyles and legacies.

At Schutte-Box Yenser Wealth Management Group, we address the financial decisions you face today – and we help you prepare for the likely (and unlikely) circumstances you might encounter tomorrow. We hold clients’ interests above all else. As a result, nearly every client we’ve ever served continues to work with us today (along with many of their grown children).

We’re proud to have helped families across Virginia and the U.S. meet life’s most difficult moments and transitions – and seize opportunities that, in many cases, we’ve helped make possible. We share clients’ passions and support their ambitions. Our mission? To help clients manage their financial lives, so they can focus on what’s most important – their families, careers and legacies.

Ultimately, we craft personalized strategies on their behalf – that may incorporate investment, retirement and education planning, liability management, wealth transfer and estate planning.

We invite you to click here – to see if you’re comfortable with our approach, philosophy and experience. You’ll also learn about our clients with whom you may share a challenge, life stage, or both.

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