What We Believe

Clients come to us for many reasons and stay with us, because we remain true to what we believe:

“When you know where you stand – and what stands in your way – you’re empowered to make better financial decisions.”
– Betty Schutte-Box

We won’t just invest your money, we’ll invest our time. Getting to know you is not a one-time event. It’s a process designed to ensure that our efforts will put your financial goals within closer reach. We ask you questions and strive to provide real-world financial guidance that’s responsive and responsible.

You deserve what we call “sensitive and sophisticated” wealth management. Our own life experiences drive the type of wealth management we provide. We stay attuned to key transitions in your life – and help you prepare in advance for moments that require informed financial decisions. We’re here to minimize the financial impact of life’s twists and turns.

We work collaboratively to enhance your wealth and earn your trust. We call upon our firm’s specialists and thought leadership to help strengthen both sides of your balance sheets – assets and liabilities.

Superior wealth management demands that we are proactive. When appropriate, we may recommend an opportunity to refinance debt or consider a type of insurance. We also may work with your tax advisor – to help save you money on taxes and fees. (For example, we don’t want a solution to trigger a tax liability.)

Educating you is critical – but only in ways that you find meaningful. This way, you’ll understand:

  • WHAT your financial strategy should be.
  • WHY we believe a specific strategy or tactic is in your best interest.
  • WHEN timely adjustments should be considered.

Our visionary retirement perspective helps us address your “wealth and worries” in one integrated strategy. Beyond risk-managed investing, we may introduce income generating and guaranteed income solutions. We also evaluate Social Security and long-term-care choices with you. We will even hold estate-planning workshops for you and attorneys. In many cases, we will provide your attorney with information that can save you money (in taxes and legal fees). Coordinating our efforts with those of your other advisors is something we do frequently.

Your investment personality determines how we invest. How will you respond during market volatility? And what’s the least amount of risk we need to take, to help you meet the goals you’ve set for yourself? From your answers, we can begin to formulate your investment strategy. To mitigate risk, we diversity your portfolio across asset classes, sectors and borders. Your comfort with risk, personal timeline and need for liquidity will help us decide on specific holdings. Typically, we include equities and ETFs for cost efficiency and fixed income to generate income. Our firm’s open architecture allows us to diversify and customize your portfolio, and actively manage it. We are well aware that our performance can determine yours.

We aim to optimize both sides of your balance sheet. On your behalf, we collaborate with specialists inside and outside of Wells Fargo Advisors for streamlined personal and commercial lending solutions, retirement and estate planning solutions, business succession planning, and more.