Who We Are

Each of us has particular skills, but as our client, we'll put our heads together on your behalf.

Once a week, we'll discuss your situation and review progress made toward your stated goals. Before meeting or talking with you, we'll look for anything we've overlooked.

We characterize our focus as “The Business of You.” Why? Because we want to guide you and always do what's best for you – in every area of your financial life. Having honed our wealth management approach over many years, we're process-driven and client-focused. We take a long-term, unbiased view that aims to see things from your perspective.

As we like to say, “We'll put you on our backs and charge up the hill.”

Betty Schutte-Box, CFP®
Senior Vice President – Investment Officer

“When investments took a hit in 2008, I called our clients to see how they were doing. To my surprise, they asked how I was doing. They understood their investment strategies and were more concerned about me. Over the years, I've received more hugs than handshakes from clients. That reminds me of the role I play in their lives.”

Highly credentialed and respected by clients in Virginia and coast-to-coast, Betty was a goals-based financial advisor for decades before it became a popular industry expression. As one of the first women in Virginia to obtain the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, she has come to serve a clientele as devoted to her approach, as she is to them.

For 25 years, Betty has customized holistic wealth management strategies for multiple generations of high-net-worth individuals, family-owned businesses and non-profit organizations. Today, she and Troy serve a loyal circle of physicians, business owners, women who are "suddenly single," and the LGBT community.

Working alongside clients, Betty helps them identify the personal struggles and driving mechanisms that can help them enjoy optimal results and experiences. Rather than work toward goals that have a dollar sign in front of them, Betty helps clients explore goals that are personally meaningful – through tailored plans of financial responsibility and discipline.

Betty has been quoted on CNN/Money.com and in Virginia Business Magazine.

Betty is most proud to be a client's source of inspiration, guidance and financial acumen. Through her own personal tragedies and triumphs, Betty can help others experiencing life's most challenging transitions – the loss of a spouse, divorce, career change and retirement. As a widow, divorcee and single parent, Betty has raised two children (both adults) and strives to be an advocate and role model to women. She believes in keeping clients educated and updated – and giving them a sense of control and confidence amid periods of personal strife and market volatility. Outside of the office, Betty's energy is evident in several areas. An accomplished athlete, Betty has completed several triathlons and continues to compete today. She is also an active member of Richmond's Church Hill community, where she helps to preserve and restore historic homes.

Troy Yenser, MBA, CFP®, RICP®
Vice President - Investments

“Life can be a like a game of musical chairs. Even with the best intentions, people may feel like their financial future is uncertain. For clients eyeing retirement, saving for a child's education, or looking to preserve family wealth, we can help make sure they have a chair – if and when the music stops.”

Troy's greatest inspiration is his mother, who raised Troy and his brother when their father died. Troy was only eleven years old when he witnessed her challenged by the need for timely financial guidance. Despite her struggles and the “right and wrong” decisions she made, Troy's mother was able to send both sons to college and into the world with a profound respect for the importance of planning, preparation, and determination.

Today, his mother is in her 80s and Troy has dedicated himself to empowering and enlightening clients – especially, women – with financial guidance grounded in his sincerity and empathy. For Troy, his greatest fulfillment as an advisor comes from clients who “invite him into their lives” – and allow him to help them make rational financial decisions, when they're being emotional.

Like Betty, Troy holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and focuses on serving clients as new situations present themselves. Troy believes that superior wealth management is a fluid process that demands ongoing discussion and adjustment. As a client's life circumstances evolve, so must an integrated wealth management strategy. Only then, can it effectively help people stay on course – financially and emotionally.

Outside of the office, Troy actively serves the Richmond area – participating on the board of directors for a number of non-profit organizations. He is also well known in the local golf and tennis communities. For the last fifteen years, Troy has lived with his wife, Renee, and their daughter, Lauren, in Mechanicsville, Virginia.