Who You Are

What sets you apart? Sadly, too many people identify themselves by their job descriptions. We want to know about the path you’ve chosen, the bumps you’ve taken, and the destination you seek.

“We meet clients, where they are in life”
– Betty Schutte-Box

Perhaps you’ve saved for a lifetime. Or you’ve sacrificed for others – and put their financial interests ahead of your own. We serve women and men – single, married, divorced, and widowed – CPAs, physicians, small business owners and heads of high-net-worth families. As successful as some are, many don’t have the time, interest, or temperament to manage their financial lives.

Using our decades of experience, our ongoing discovery process and Envision®, we create a tailored game plan for each individual, family, or business.

The most common question we hear? “When can I retire and how well?” Frequently, we share the joy of telling a client that they COULD retire sooner than they thought, BUT with additional savings and budgeting. We look at your family, your health, the rising costs of health care and how you might be affected. We believe in providing concrete answers. We don’t sugarcoat and we’re not dramatic. Clients want a level of certainty – not a vanilla strategy.

We also call upon specialists within Wells Fargo and your other trusted advisors – your CPA and attorney, for example. In collaboration with them, we may make a year-end tax suggestion, or recommend that trust assets be restructured due to a new tax rate. We help clients decide if they can afford a second home, or fund a college education for their first grandchild.

Just in the past year… we visited with clients in 12 states … comforted one client on Christmas Eve…celebrated six clients’ birthdays with them at lunch…shared the joy of clients’ families at weddings, bar mitzvahs, and the birth of a grandchild…visited dozens of clients in their homes…helped three clients evaluate retirement communities...and were the first call from a client’s child, when her mother suffered a bad fall.

We are here to help you succeed in areas of your life that can provide genuine fulfillment.